Health & Wellness

Assuring a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning and providing professional care for those who become ill or injured while at school.

We provide health counseling, appraisal, screening, referral, and follow-up through program planning, development, and evaluation.

The primary purpose of the SMSD Health Program is the optimal maintenance, promotion, protection, and improvement of student, staff, and community health. The School Health Program personnel work collaboratively with students, parents, educators, staff members, and other community resources to assist developing students' competence to confidently cope with the complexities of life.

The School Health Program is no substitute for health care, which parents should provide for their children. Rather than relieving parents' responsibilities, this program is established to encourage individuals to utilize the services of a private physician, dentist, optometrist, or community health agency. 

Adrienne Lewis, RN, BSN

Middle School

Yesenia Rios

High School, Middle School

Blanca Benavidez

Clinic Aide
High School, Middle School